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About Leadership Revisted

Leadership Revisited is the leadership handbook that every leaders should have in their library. This book navigates through leadership from a hand-on, practical and personal perspective.

What will you discover in Leadership Revisited?

  • How to execute leadership in your daily life
  • How leaders bounce back from setbacks
  • Leadership is lived not just a title
  • Understanding loss and pain
  • Recovering from losing and pain

From the Author

"In your leadership journey, you will experience, ups and downs, highs and lows, winning and losing success and failure. You will learn to give and take. "You will learn win to fight and when to stand still. You will learn that it is not only what you do, it is how you do it that could make the difference. You will hopefully learn from the mistakes you made  and use them as stepping stones to become wiser than before."

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